The Academy
The Academy
The very special place in Tuscany

Imagine a place where everything is natural and where you live in harmony with nature. A place where the horse language is opening up new ways of communication and where you find a gateway to your true potential.

For many years we travelled through Europe and taught Natural HorseManShip in riding stables. During this time we noticed that it is difficult for most people to acquire new habits in a normal environment. Often after a few weeks everything was back to normal and no permanent change took place.

That is why we have founded the AsvaNara Academy in Tuscany. A place where everything is natural from A to Z, a school for natural riding, a “full immersion” where each participant can engage in new things and make real progress, with changes that last even after the course.

One thing we can promise you is that your life with horses and other areas will never be the same again!

Natürliche Pferdekommunikation
Ariane & Edwin
The horse is your mirror

AsvaNara is a place of self-discovery and all our activities aim to let people find their natural rhythm and develop their potential.

Since our childhood, interest in horses and riding was awakened, but the path was rocky and full of difficulties. Only when we discovered natural horsemanship, everything changed – from that moment on our life with horses changed dramatically.

We started to understand horses, learned how they think and why they do what they do. Over time we have become natural horse people and what used to be difficult and dangerous has become simple and effortless … just natural.

For many years we have traveled all over Europe teaching natural HorseManShip and have helped thousands of people to have a better and natural relationship with their horses.

Emotions are the biggest problem

In all these years we have become aware that the greatest difficulty in working with horses is the human control of emotions. Horses are masters at puzzling people and eliciting emotions from them that they normally, consciously or unconsciously, hide.

This is why we have also focused our attention on personality development, in order to give people the opportunity to work on themselves, to grow and change directly and without detours, instead of blaming the horse.

In AsvaNara, more than 20 horses of different breeds and ages live together in a large herd. It is our wish to teach the participants of our courses the natural way of life of horses as real as possible.

Thanks to the spacious pastures and the hilly landscape of Tuscany, the horses of the AsvaNara herd can live outdoors in their natural environment all year round and feel like real horses, with the wind in their manes, free and alive.

During the courses we can observe the behavior and herd hierarchy of the horses and experience deep and immediate insights. For many participants this will remain an impressive and unforgettable AsvaNara memory.

AsvaNara offers students the opportunity to experience their stay in a very special atmosphere; the original Sioux Teepee are romantically hidden in the shade of a small oak forest, in silence and tranquility, surrounded only by nature.

The Teepees are simple and spartan yet comfortable, ideal for anyone who wants to spend their time close to Mother Earth.

They are equipped with beds and furniture for a maximum of three people. The shared bathroom with showers, toilets, washing machine and dryer is very close to the Teepee, just a few steps away.

Living like this will perhaps take you back to the past days of your childhood, when everything was still simple, playful and full of fun.

AsvaNara Teepee