A natural relationship with horses

Horses have been faithful companions of humans for thousands of years and yet even today it is very rare to observe a natural and harmonious relationship between humans and horses.

Often horses are dominated by force and intimidation and react with fear and insecurity, everyday problems like, can’t catch him, won’t go into the trailer, doesn’t cross water, he’s afraid of every little thing … those problems fade away, if we start to understand horses and communicate with them. This requires openness, heart and understanding, but it is possible!

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The natural relationship with horses is based on trust and respect, it cannot be forced but must be earned. AsvaNara creates a natural world for horses and humans and teaches the knowledge that makes a safe and happy relationship with horses possible.
The horse is your mirror, it doesn't tell lies. It simply shows you who you really are. Discover your true self with AsvaNara, because this is the fine difference that horses feel immediately. It is more than just technique, it is true relationship and passion.
AsvaNara changes your life and that of your horse forever. The deep experience in AsvaNara not only enriches your relationship with horses, but also with yourself and your environment. It turns you into a real horse person, in the saddle and on the ground.

Experience horses in their nature, learn their language and create a relationship based on trust and respect, without fear.

Learn how horses think, how they feel and why they do what they do. Instead of dominating through intimidation, you become the natural leader for your horse.

ride like a natural

Discover natural riding, experience harmony with the horse, without a bit, spurs or whip but with communication and trust.

You will learn what qualities it takes to be a leader in the saddle and what techniques work without intimidating the horse, but riding in safety and harmony.

Experience Liberty

Learn to play with your horse in an even finer way, without halter and rope. The connection will become even stronger.

Find harmony on the ground as well as in the saddle. You will become precise, interesting and challenging, and your horse will perceive you in a completely new way.

AsvaNara is an experience of its own

AsvaNara is not just a technique but a lifestyle. Old habits die badly and for most people it is difficult to acquire new habits in their normal daily lives, so we have created this very special place in Tuscany. A course in AsvaNara is “full immersion” and we can assure you that your life with horses, but also in other areas of life, will never be the same again!

AsvaNara’s method is very extensive and includes not only topics related to horses, but you will also discover a lot about yourself and get to know yourself better. Natural communication with horses brings many positive changes to your life, such as relaxed relationships in the family and at work, more self-confidence, inner and outer clarity, and integrated leadership.

One week in AsvaNara is the special experience that will change your life and that of your horse forever, giving you competence, clarity and more joy in being with your horse. You don’t have to be a horse owner to participate in our courses. Even without owning your own horse, you will experience how time in AsvaNara strengthens and enriches you in your life!

The horse doesn't care how much you know until he knows how much you care. Put the relationship first and everything else will follow, because love, trust and respect are the basis for harmony.

AsvaNara is the path to yourself, with the horse as your partner.

AsvaNara in daily life
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