AsvaNara Experience

in the Saddle

Find security and harmony in the saddle, a real partnership, without bit, spurs or whip

Es gibt eine natürliche Welt
Reiten in Harmonie
In this AsvaNara Experience you will find the partnership with your horse also in the saddle, and this without spurs, bit or whip. Discover how easy natural riding can be and which qualities are especially important to be a good leader for your horse in the saddle. Through supporting techniques and conscious guidance, old fears and traumas are reduced and finally riding becomes fun again, for you and for the horse. The AsvaNara Experience is a simple system, step by step, from preparation on the ground to saddling and mounting, through rein positions to riding aids, and above all … with a lot of fun and joy. Experience how easy it can be to ride in a natural way, in harmony with the horse, without force and violence. There are many myths and opinions in equestrianism, and it is not easy to find your way through the maze of riding styles, techniques and advice, but it doesn’t have to be that way, because in reality riding is very simple! Learn to ride naturally in AsvaNara, experience harmony with the horse, without bit, spurs or whip but with communication and trust. During this week we will transfer everything we have learned from the ground to the horse’s back, so it is important to have already participated in the AsvaNara ground training.

Riding is very simple ... in a natural way

AsvaNara Module 2

The AsvaNara Experience

Safety and harmony in the saddle - without bit, spurs or whip

28. August - 3. September 2022 in Tuscany - Italy

Natürlich im Sattel
Reiten in Harmonie

How much does this course cost?

The AsvaNara Experience is a very special week in Tuscany. It is a full-on program with theoretical lessons, practice, exercising and, of course … horses. For us it is very important that all horse lovers can attend this course and for you we have reserved a very special price. The regular price of the AsvaNara Experience is €1,250 and if you book before 31. of December 2021 you will receive an early bird discount of 20% and can join the course for only 1,000 €. The cost of accommodation and meals is not included in the course. They can be paid directly on site at the AsvaNara Academy. One week all-inclusive costs 500 €, all inclusive, including a horse from AsvaNara and all equipment required for the course.
only for participants who have already completed the AsvaNara ground course
The AsvaNara Experience is a full immersion course and you will achieve many new results in just one week that will change your life and that of your horse.

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What are the benefits of the AsvaNara Experience?

The AsvaNara Experience is a full immersion course and in one week you will achieve many new results that will change your and your horse's life.

After this course you will have changed your relationship with horses … difficulties, misunderstandings and fear will transform into trust, respect and understanding … the relationship you have always dreamed of.
To guarantee the quality of the course, we have decided to limit the number of participants to a maximum of 12. I want you to make real progress and I want to be able to dedicate enough personal time to each participant. Therefore, as soon as all places are filled, we will not be able to accept new registrations … without exception. So, if you are really interested in this course, I recommend that you register right now. I also want to be frank with you … if you are looking for a magic pill so that you don’t have to do anything yourself … then this course is not the right one for you … I don’t want you to participate because you would not achieve any results and I only want to have satisfied participants.
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All this is the AsvaNara Experience

Natürliche Pferdekommunikation

Who will be your instructor?

Natürliche Beziehung mit Pferden
Edwin Wittwer started training horses and teaching people in Natural HorseManShip in the USA more than 20 years ago. Together with his wife Ariane, he founded the AsvaNara Academy in Tuscany in 2004, where he lives year-round and passes on his knowledge and experience with horses and continues to develop AsvaNara. Edwin will be responsible as well for the work with the horses as for the theory in the AsvaNara Experience and you will be able to benefit from his many years of experience and his competence.

What participants say after the AsvaNara Experience

Jule Fritzke

When I met the free AsvaNara horses, I felt the incredible, unique energy of those horses. I started to understand their natural language and the relationship with my horse has changed instantly. Everything has become soft and easy … and incredibly beautiful.

Jule Fritzke
Marilena Biancaterra

This experience was a completely new situation for me and my horse, everything was questioned and we started from scratch ... it was a unique opportunity to restore our relationship based on trust and respect and to leave the not so nice past behind.

Marilena Biancaterra
Petra Kast

Thank you for everything I learned - about horses and about myself. All the experiences in AsvaNara have enriched me incredibly and I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to be authentic and just simply myself.

Petra Kast

FAQ - Frequent Asked Questions

Will this course work for me?

Remember, AsvaNara Experience is a program, and we will guide you step by step on your way… it is not difficult and works for everyone! We have also limited the number of participants in the group so you will have all the support you need … it will work for you too!

Can I participate if I don’t have a horse?

Yes, no problem, you can borrow a horse from AsvaNara for the course. It will accompany you through the week as if it were yours. You will be able to learn with him everything that is important for you, because horses are true mirrors for us humans and we will find the right horse for you.

Where and when is the next course?

The course will take place at the AsvaNara Academy in Tuscany, Italy, in a very special place in nature where man and horse can live in harmony. The course will start on Sunday 28. August 2022 after dinner, arrival and check-in are planned for the afternoon, please plan your trip so that you arrive between 15:00 and 19:00 so that you can get your tipi before dinner. The course ends Friday night with the certification and departure is scheduled for Saturday morning, 3. September 2022 after breakfast.
AsvaNara Teepee

What about accommodation and meals?

AsvaNara offers you the opportunity to experience your stay in a very special atmosphere; the original Sioux teepees are romantically hidden in the shade of a small oak forest, in silence and tranquility, surrounded only by nature. The teepees are simple and spartanic, ideal for anyone who wants to spend their time close to Mother Earth. They are equipped with beds and furniture for 2-3 persons. The common bathroom with showers, toilets, washing machine and dryer is very close to the teepees and only a few steps away. Living like this will perhaps take you back to the past days of childhood, when everything was still simple, playful and full of fun. All meals are prepared by our kitchen team with the greatest care and we will take care of your physical well-being with healthy, natural vegetarian food. We use high quality ingredients and organic grown products. You will enjoy a variety of healthy, naturally vegetarian dishes from all over the world, which not only satisfy your needs but also taste really good. If you have any special needs, please let us know in advance.
Essen in AsvaNara

What is the best way to travel?

The nearest airport is Florence and we can arrange a shuttle bus to AsvaNara. Please let us know your travel plans in advance so we can make the necessary arrangements.
  • Florence – 1,5 h – 135 km – Vueling, Lufthansa, KLM, Alitalia
  • Bologna – 2 h, – 170 km – Ryan Air, Easy Jet, German Wings
  • Pisa – 3 h, – 205 km – Ryan Air, Easy Jet, TransAvia
  • Rome – 3 h, Fiumicino or Ciampino, 280km – all airlines
If you want to travel by car, then these are the coordinates … AsvaNara Academy – Latitudine: 43,6821609 N – Longitudine: 12,024518 E or simply enter Google Maps den Ort AsvaNara ein.
Anreise AsvaNara
Karte AsvaNara

How can I make the payment?

You can pay by bank transfer. The necessary details will be sent to you by e-mail after your booking.

Do I have to pay the whole amount now?

No … it is sufficient to pay the course fee upon registration to reserve your place. The balance for board and accommodation can be paid on arrival at AsvaNara or by bank transfer one week before the course starts.
Reiten in Harmonie

AsvaNara Experience

28. Aug. - 3. Sept. 2022

only for participants who have completed the AsvaNara ground course

in the Saddle

Discover natural riding, experience harmony with the horse, without bit, spurs or whip but with communication and trust.

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