AsvaNara Experience

Module 1

The natural horse language on the ground

Experience horses in their nature, learn their language and create a new relationship based on trust and respect, without fear and without problems. In this weekly course you will discover the basics of the Natural HorseManShip, learn the psychology of horses, their language and natural behavior.

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Natürlich im Sattel

Module 2

Harmony and Safety in the Saddle

In this AsvaNara Experience you will find the partnership with your horse also in the saddle, and this without spurs, bit or whip. Discover how easy natural riding can be and which qualities are especially important to be a good leader for your horse in the saddle. A good rider does not need strength and force to dominate his horse, but finds harmony through balance, communication and leadership.

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Grenzenlose Freiheit

Module 3

Liberty - the natural Connection

In this course you will build a strong relationship with your horse, a natural bond without a halter or rope, and then only one thing remains … the truth. In the Liberty course you will put the relationship with your horse to the test. You will learn to play at a higher level and your communication will become more precise, finer and softer.

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Modul 4 HorseManShip

Summer Academy

The ultimative HorseManShip Experience

The new AsvaNara program is in preparation … stay tunned!

6 months program from May to October